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In situ exhibition

I’ve been pressing ahead with my virtual exhibition in the absence of any imminent possibility of securing a canal side site and funding for a site specific exhibition. From the outset I disliked Kunstmatrix and its like; they are clunky to use, resemble online kitchen showrooms and come at a significant ongoing cost. Instead, I’m using my own images (taken this weekend) of the site around Leeds Canal Basin and Photoshop skills to add in my own images and photo-posters to the scene. On top of shooting, this was about a couple of days work.

The technical approach in Photoshop for placement of project images into the site images was complex and varied between composites. Tools used included:

  • Transform
  • Vanishing point filter
  • Blend-if settings
  • Displacement filter
  • Noise and blur filters.

Having completed the composite images, I worked through some iterations of presentation on the website. I settled on one where images enjoy maximum screen space, allowing for clear viewing, including on mobile devices. Adobe Portfolio can be a little tricky to understand at first with layout as many of the spacing controls are adjusted as part of the text / block settings and are not always easy to find – however, familiarity helps!

Portfolio is not a blogging platform, so I’ve included a link to a ‘visitor book’ that I’ll place on my website. I’ve separately looked at ‘guest book’ plugins for WordPress, which I’ll write about separately.

The finished exhibition can be seen at

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