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Initial tutor discussion

Keith Roberts is my SYP tutor – I specifically requested a tutor based in the North of England, who has direct experience of that cultural environment. It is apparently unusual to swap from existing L3 tutors – my BoW tutor is London based and my CS tutor (doesn’t tutor SYP). However, I consider the advantage of a tutor who is familiar with the local practice environment outweighs the potential disadvantage of a lack of familiarity with my BoW. Keith’s own practice is based around portraiture and people’s stories so there is useful common ground there too.

Keith tutored me on the level 1 course, Context and Narrative, which I completed early June 2016, over 4 years ago. We caught up over Zoom on 21 October to reintroduce ourselves and talk about a forward plan for SYP.

I note a couple of points from our discussion, excluding the general small-talk and the eternal league vs union discussion.

  • I explained the status of my BoW and CS and that I would mainly be focussing on wrapping that up over the coming month or so, before starting SYP in earnest. We agreed that I would submit A1 when ever ready and that there was no particular rush (I’m working to the original 2 year SYP timeline – though hope I won’t need it all).
  • I briefly talked about my BoW and CS topics and agreed to send the completed works to Keith when done. He suggested looking at the work of Lawrence Cassidy (, on the gentrification of Salford and talked about his subversive exhibition in the Lowry Gallery, where he pasted the images of the traditional locals to the gallery walls with the intention that they shouldn’t be removed (a wall-papery reminder!). I’ll look at this separately as it seems to resonate with the loss of working class culture along the canals.

It was good catching up and I’m looking forward to working with Keith on the final stage of the degree!

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