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A3: Formative feedback (new tutor)

I’m pleased that my new tutor has quickly helped me to catch up with the missing feedback on A2 and A3 from my previous tutor. It has helped to put the irksome episode behind me and rekindle enthusiasm for this final module.

Again, very positive feedback on my research and report for this assignment. Here, I focus on additional suggestions that help develop my practice:

  • Suggestion to outline the future of the research report and blog (particulary with regard to the Drifting project): after I graduate and time is freed up, I plan to continue blogging but to a broader audience – in this context, I plan to address aspects of the report. One particular area I think warrants investigation is the use of photography competitions as a potentially dubious business model for some blogs. With regards to the Drifting project, there are lessons in the ongoing promotion of the work through blogging and guest blogging and the concept of using the blog as a hub at the centre of social media activities (whatever their value beyond that to the tech giants’ data collection and sales). This is in addition to the audience engagement I am already encouraging through the exhibition guest book on the blog and the invitation to viewers to tell their own stories of life along the canal.
  • Some suggestions based on the learning outcomes: a) update padlet to include elements of self-reflection, eg example of a media interview (practice-based research using media pack) b) padlet resources re competition examples (mentioned in A2).
  • Consider video presentation for eventual submission submission (3-5 mins), building on A2. Yes – I’ve been thinking about this; the use of screen casting software has opened up new possibilities for presentation of the digital. Also added to padlet as ‘resource’.
  • Note potential connection to A4 to elements of blogging research, eg interactive communication model and how projects is essentially and audience engagement project. Suggested resources provided for further research (Richin’s book and ‘four corners’ project).
  • Consider / give examples of blogs advising on creation of exhibitions (padlet resource).
  • Looking forward to A4, consider how draft blog post can be shaped into promotional tool (eg pdf or interactive website). Info needs to be chunked up to make it accessible to a reader coming cold. Needn’t be just one document. Keep in mind idea of ‘registers’ (different voices for different purposes). Approach to be discussed in catch-up call.
  • A number of potential resources provided for review / consideration of usefulness in context of my work. Followed up elsewhere on blog / padlet.

Lots of material for me to work through and consider to tighten up direction and outcome for A4. My tutor’s feedback is much appreciated!

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A3: Assignment | tutor submission


This assignment required research on an aspect of the photography industry, informed by primary research (i.e. direct contact with practitioners) as well as other resources. The aims are to:

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of a particular complementary role and/or the roles and responsibilities of a particular type of photographer.
  • Understand how the role fits into the broader economy and/or arts community.
  • Understand the duties and responsibilities of a particular role, including any conflicts of interest there may be with other professionals.
  • Continue to build your professional network.

The research

I choose to research the photography blog by video interviewing 3 bloggers and exchanging emails with a fourth (who was a no show for the video interview), as well as researching academic and popular materials. My research materials will compiled and annotated in Zotero and accompanied a few posts in the ‘research section’ for this assignment – I’ve added a Zotero bibliography to this to complement the references included in the article.

My self-assessment of the work, prior to tutor submission is here.

The assignment

A pdf of my article is attached …

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A3: industry research | self-assessment

I’ve made this evaluation against the ‘assessment criteria’, rather than the ‘learning outcomes’ documented in the course material. I suppose the course material will eventually be updated to reflect the more recently introduced assessment criteria. In the meantime, taking this approach will avoid a remapping exercise when it comes to assessment submission.

For this assignment, I decided to complete industry research on the photography blogger, rather than seek work experience (for which I may be a little long in the tooth). I interviewed 3 bloggers by video and exchanged emails with a fourth – details are in the written assignment.

Creativity 20%
Make creative decisions in the resolving of a body of work that employs appropriate media and techniques articulating a personal creative voice.

In the context of Covid-19, online space has become more important and physical space at a premium with a backlog of artists waiting to show work. I decided to research the role of the blog in the photography industry to help develop my own practice in disseminating work online and finding an audience for it. Part of resolving my body of work involves creating a micro-site and linking to that through my personal blog.

I approach bloggers for interview, looking for individuals that covered some of the ‘types’ of blog that I’d identified in my research – this allowed me to understand different perspectives. The assignment requirement was to just interview one person.

Presentation and Outcomes 40%
Articulate and synthesise ideas and research in the presentation of a body of work to an audience.

This research into blogging in the photographic industry has helped support the presentation of my own work online. On the back of it, I plan to make additional use of blog posts to help explain and communicate my work. In particular the idea of using ‘channels’ to bring viewers to the work.

Professional context 20%
Independent dissemination of a personal creative voice. Articulate independent judgements and identify opportunities for professional and or personal development.

During the research process, I communicated and conducted interviews with three professional bloggers (unfortunately the 4th blogger was a no show on a couple of occasions). This allowed me to refine my online presentation technology set up to incorporate a condenser mic and headphones to cut down background noise, as well as gain experience of video interviewing.

In writing the article, there was the opportunity to further develop an academic voice and reflect on how that might be different from the voice of blogging – a voice that recognises most readers will skim blog posts. I intend to write a ‘blog’ version of the article.

Knowledge 20%
Demonstrate comprehensive critical knowledge, understanding and reflection of relevant techniques and theoretical context(s) emerging from your outcomes

Good use of academic research incorporated with popular materials in preparing the article. I continue to make use of the Zotero platform for collecting research materials, annotating them, and incorporating citations into written work.

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