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About this learning log

Welcome to my blog for the SYP (sustaining your practice) final module of The OCA’s BA (Hons) Photography, level three. It is a text log of the work done to develop, sustain and promote my photography practice, rather than a place to see my photography.

It is not my intention to follow this course module linearly through the parts but to work on several in parallel, while concluding each in turn. This is because the course is designed with on assumption that the work will conclude with a single event (eg an exhibition), whereas my work will be disseminated through a series of virtual events over time. The reach of these events will be measured through Google Analytics and Vimeo Analytics. I will also use as a softer measure of success, the funds I manage to raise for my local food bank from viewers of the short film.

There are two outward facing sites used to disseminate and promote my work, which will be developed as this module progresses:

Microsite dedicated to my body of work:

Portfolio site: