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A5: Publication Evaluation | For Formative Feedback

As previously mentioned, I agreed with my tutor to create this assignment primarily as a video presentation A5: planning. All materials are also included in the padlet: The submission for this assignment comprises:

A5 Submission

Video presentation

SYP video presentation by Andrew Fitzgibbon

The script for the video can be viewed here:

Synopsis of Work and Promotion

This was developed from A4 and substantiates the story conveyed in the video:

Assessment Submission

The assignment also requires an explanation of how the work will be submitted for assessment. I propose (after earlier discussions with my tutor) that this will be through the Padlet:

Made with Padlet

The padlet itself explains the submission: a) the SYP video b) the Drifting website c) The Synopsis of Work and Promotion. In addition, I created two short additional documents to be included as part of the submission and included them on the padlet:

A memo of outcomes of learning against the PH6SYP learning objectives:

A schedule of references used during research for SYP, including industry research on the Photoblogger. Neither the padlet nor the online materials lend themselves well to academic referencing, so I’ve created this PDF schedule of references instead:

Published inP4: assignment 5

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