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A5 | Formative feedback

I had a Google meeting with my tutor on 20 December to feedback on my publication evaluation. The assessment submission is here – A5: Publication Evaluation | For Formative Feedback. In this post, I summarise the feedback received.

  • Pleased to receive highly positive feedback on the work and presentation. Our discussion focused mainly on steps to further fine-tune the presentation of materials before assessment submission. The following bullets capture my ‘to-do list’.
  • Check video link in Padlet as tutor found the sound cut out when viewed it – could be an issue with embedding Vimeo in Padlet / slow internet connection of the viewer. Noted that there have been problems elsewhere with video embeds.
  • Fine-tune wording from perspective of assessor coming cold to the work – signpost to allow quick reading of the gist, followed by selective aspects of the detail. I possibly have a tendency to over-explain out of anxiety over readers misunderstanding/interpreting my meaning. Though appreciate that overwhelming with too much information can have the same effect – perhaps more so with visually inclined readers.
  • Populate separate press/media tab in Padlet to draw it out / link with LO1 – but also leave contents in current A3 section.
  • Double-check all links work.
  • Over-all, take care not to over-package given the limited time available for assessment.

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