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A4: Formative feedback

I received feedback on A4 (A4: final draft and promotion | self-assessment) and had a useful and positive discussion with my tutor yesterday to discuss that and the approach to A5 (publication evaluation).

Main points to consider from A4:

  • Risk of comprehensive visual ‘catalogue’ becoming unweildly and recommendation to keep it tight. I think there is a risk of using the ‘catalogue’ for two purposes – external communication and OCA communication. In the case of the latter, I have a fear of work I’ve done being missed or misunderstood. This probably stems from the BoW assessment feedback that assessors would have liked to see more reshooting – against a context of me having walked the 127 miles of the Leeds & Liverpool canal this frustrated me and made little sense. On reflection, the primary external output will be the website – I’ve now made some adjustments to streamline this and simplify some of the language and layouts on the site, as well as include some elements that were previously only included in the ‘catalogue’. The ‘catalogue’ itself has been repurposed as a ‘visual synopsis’ that is not public facing. Some of the wording and layout has been updated to reflect this. The intention is now to use this to facilitate discussions at a curator / assessor level – it is in the format of a landing page so allows a quick browse to take in the extent of work done on the project but also enables more detailed viewing of linked information when of interest.
  • Suggestion that a 3-page visual marketing package as a pdf might be useful to have available to send out (rather than rely fully on online materials) – it would pull together existing content. I think this makes sense as an update from the media pack that was done in advance of successfully obtaining publicity and would be useful as something readymade to send out.
  • Suggested that a clear distinction between outputs and outcomes is made on the padlet and recommended some further research materials on this. I’m clear in my mind what the distinction is but haven’t documented it clearly in the padlet (even if mentioned in the proposal document).

Forward to A5:

  • Agreed that there is already extensive written material on the project and it would be more helpful to complete A5 as a short (3 minute) video, with a script and links to existing written materials forming A5.
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